Anonymous said: Hello Ven!Sorry for bothering you,it's just that I wanted to suggest something about your cosplaying. I've noticed you use eyeliner(or is it eye pencil,I'm not 100% sure) to draw your eyebrows and I wanted to say that you can use a brush to apply eyeshadow along with eye pencil to make the colour fade away and making your eyebrows look more natural and not so in contrast with your skin. You can try and see if it works for you. Have a nice day!

hey there you’re gonna have to be specific about which cosplay you’re referring to since most of my cosplays i am just darkening and lengthening my eyebrows, not drawing them on.

Love the tip but I need to know exactly which make-up style you’re referring to.

Also, examples of what you mean would be helpful because I’m drawing a blank


Don’t shave?
What are you? A Titan?

I fukin cried tears of blood and laughed till I puked at the fukin Hanji part

That’s how amazing it was for me.


Much loved Mikoshiba Brothers <3original post

this is going on my bedroom door *floats away like a sea otter*


Much loved Mikoshiba Brothers <3

original post

this is going on my bedroom door *floats away like a sea otter*



my new OTP

Ringo you’re not allowed un tumblr anymore.



…. GDI ringo.

Anonymous said: I think I made an inhuman noise at you Noiz cosplay. Do you plan on doing more than just Noiz and will we be seeing more of him in the future?

yes u will be seeing more Noiz in the future!! =) Those photos were just a make-up test. I have a few photo sessions planned as Noiz. As well as my partner will be cosplaying Aoba in the future so there will be a photoset of us as Noiz and Aoba.


Series: DRAMAtical Murder
Character: Noiz

It’s fukin 3am and I’m not drunk so I’ll probably reblog this at an hour noticeable to humanity. But i figured I’d post it now too.

First costest. A few minor make-up changes I want to make next time I try it out but overall I am satisfied with the results.

I love cosplaying bitches I mean…. badasses.

fairyprince-leetaemin said: I just learned you're from BC and that makes me so happy because I love seeing amazing Canadian cosplayers *^*

Hell yah I am~ <3. I’ll also be attending Anime Revolution Here in Vancouver, FanExpo in Toronto, and Animethon in Edmonton next month! It’s gonna be crazy busy!

bunnylovesanime said: oh my gosh! I love your Noiz cosplay! Noiz is one of my favorite characters and I love seeing really good cosplays of him! And your Levi cosplays are really awesome. Sorry to bug you.

keke thank you so much!! To be honest I was extremely nervous about cosplaying as Noiz cuz i didn’t think I’d be able to pull him off.

All this positive feedback I’ve been getting since the phototest definitely makes me feel like all my hardwork into mimicking him was worth it tho! Really it means a lot to me thank u so much! <3

(Also Noiz is my favorite character from DMMD too!! So being able to cosplay and portray him has been a blast!)

Anonymous said: I just got married to my partner that's my high school sweetheart that I've known since middle school. I love him but I want to try some bondage and I want to be dominate. It's very embarrassing for me because I don't feel confident as a top and I'm always afraid I'd let him down because I'm not experienced as him. Even though I know he'd do anything for me I'm afraid he'll say no because he's not into bondage. How do I tell him without hurting his pride that I want try to run the show for once?

keke, well just be upfront with him, some people are a lot more open to bdsm then you may think and a lot of people are actually pretty curious in the idea of trying it out. And if neither of you have really done it before it’s a learning experience for both of you.

If he’s not interested though, you’ll definitely need to respect him and leave the idea of that out of your life. BDSM is really only something that should be performed when both parties enjoy it and are interested in the subject.

Dominance isn’t a matter of pride. It’s about trusting the other partner to let them take the lead, me might actually like you taking the lead for once. I mean really ,there’s lots of simple softcore things one can do in bdsm, and sometimes light bondage is satisfying enough to many people.

Biggest piece of advice to remember is. Bondage is something that need to be understood and respected. KNOW what you are doing, don’t just grab a piece of equipment and wing it. BDSM is meant for pleasure, not pain, not fear, not terror. You should never feel afraid or forced into a situation.  Always treat safe words respectively, if you can’t do that, you’re not meant for bdsm because you’re not taking the subject on an intimate level, instead it’s used as a power struggle and can easily turn abusive.

Here’s a quick site i found that gives you tips for beginners who are interested in trying something out like bondage:


Anonymous said: Ven where did you Buy your Noiz contacts?

They are the same contacts I use for Inumuta. They are the dolly lenses.